Viviane R Aug 16
I've read through the report. I really appreciate the amount of detail you put in along with the pictures to make all this information comprehensible. Your service was thorough, professional and above all you answered all my questions and eased my worries. I also appreciate the additional information in the report about the possible problems and their impact on the home. It helps understand how to fix the issue and how to prevent further problems. I am very satisfied with your service in the inspection of my first home. Thank you!

Ruby J June 16
As a first time home buyer, I could not have been happier with Hugh Dwyer as my home inspector! He was thorough, amiable and spoke to me with kindness and respect. His follow up email was equally thorough, with written, drawn and photographic explanations of all he had found in my home. As I sit here on my own sofa in my own living room, I am very glad I had Hugh to help me make the right decision stepping into the next great adventure of life: home ownership

Mike W May 16
"I have used Mr.Dwyer now to inspect two separate properties, he is extremely thorough, knowledgeable as well as professional during his inspections.  Any issues he comes across he will tell you the risks associated surrounding the issue, as well as give a step-by-step guide on how to remedy the problem.   He is very punctual and comes to site with a complete set of well maintained equipment.  After the inspection he provides an extremely comprehensive report of all concerns broken down into sections stating the condition, implication, location as well as a general time line on when the issue should be addressed.  I would highly recommend Mr.Dwyer and would not hesitate to use him again in the future."
If there's anything else you would like covered or would like me to modify let me know.  Feel free to include my name/position on your website but please do not use any of my employers information.
Cheers and thanks for all your help,

Haley P Mar 16
I would like to say thank-you for performing our home inspection. You were great to deal with from your prompt answers, thorough inspection and helpful knowledge. I truly believe you went above and beyond your required tasks.

Being a first time home buyer can be a very stressful situation as you are not aware of all the processes and steps. You answered all of my questions and were great to deal with, along with inspecting our future home from top to bottom. I will recommend you to many people in the future. 

Optimism Place Mar 16
I am the Executive Director of a very busy 13 bed crisis shelter for women and children in Perth County. I have no time to manage major building projects when serious problems arise. That is why I have twice relied on Hugh Dwyer to manage major repairs involving mold remediation and reconstruction at our facility. Hugh handled all of the details from the first to the final stages. He was great at keeping me informed, while getting the job done in a effective manner. He is reliable, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. Best of all, there have been no unpleasant financial surprises at the end of the projects. I highly recommend Hugh Dwyer and Advance Look. Anne McDonnell, MSW, Executive Director Optimism Place Women's Shelter and Support Services