Ann M and Ross K Aug 12
Yes I was able to download the report and I am amazed at how thorough it is.  Although the house was impressive looking you help us to realize that it needed a lot of work to make it safe for my young family.  You were well worth the charge we payed to you.  I wish I could help you convince home buyers like me that cutting corners is not always the wisest choice.


Thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise.  I search for a family home will continue and you can rest assured that my wife and I will call you on every home we are looking at seriously.  You have proven yourself both with your report and the effort you took after producing it to make sure that it got into our possession.  You are such a professional and that to me is reassuring in an world where getting great customer service such as you and your organization has provided to us.  You may use our name to show to other potential clients or just contact me and I will write you a letter of reference any time you want.  We will be in touch soon.

August 2012

Bob W​ July 12
Just to let you know that I have received your home inspection report. (all 57 pages).

I was so impressed with your expertise and thoroughness when checking through the house. For me to be able to go through the house with you, and to have you explain everything to me as we went, and then what you would recommend, is sure going to guide me when I move in. I feel like I know the house inside and out already, before I even move in.

As you know, I brought my neighbour with me for company, and he told me he has never seen such a thorough house inspection.  He was really impressed.
Also Hugh, the pictures with the explanation in the report make it so much easier for me to understand what you are pointing out..

Hugh, be sure I will strongly recommend your home inspection services if I hear of anyone buying a home.

July 2012

Barbara July 12
Not local to the area, my husband and I contacted Hugh based on the recommendation of our realtor. We were interested in purchasing an older (pre 1870s) home and wanted a full assessment of any potential issues before finalising the offer.

After speaking with Hugh to arrange the  inspection, my husband felt confident in our choice of inspectors and this decision was further validated during the inspection itself.

Hugh was very thorough and knowledgable and took the time to explain his findings throughout the 3hr inspection. Hugh's friendly manner and lack of jargon made it easy for us to understand any potential issues and, more importantly, how to resolve them, which was very helpful and reassuring.

This thoroughness was further reflected in the very detailed report we received the following day. Hugh not only provided annotated photographs to illustrate his points but also details on how best to rectify the problem.

My husband and I are very happy with the work undertaken by Hugh and would happily recommend to others.

July 2012

Owen B & Tierney L
We were very pleased with Hugh's professionalism and his attention to detail. Our home inspection was very thorough and he explained everything in terms that we could understand. His knowledge and expertise cannot be understated and his inspection report (complete with pictures) will act as an invaluable reference for many years. We would highly recommend Hugh to anyone who is looking for a home inspection and we will definitely use his services in the future.

June 2012

When I initially contacted Hugh for a home inspection I was nervous. I had a home inspection done once before (by a different company and for a house I didn't end up buying). The previous home inspection was very overwhelming, and seemed to take forever. I walked away not understanding half of what was said and not sure I cared.

This time was completely different. Right from the beginning Hugh seemed a lot more organized and prepared. Very easy going and quick to put me at ease. Any time I didn't understand something he patiently explained it without making me feel stupid or getting annoyed. He pointed out a lot about the house, both good things and bad things, always making suggestions along the way.

I did get a little overwhelmed at one point and Hugh was quick to take a break and go over the items that seemed to confound me.

By the end I walked away knowing a lot about the house and felt confident in our decision to ultimately purchase this house. And while I don't want to go through all the house purchasing "business" any time in the near future if I did Hugh would be one of my first calls!

June 2012